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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Schedule and Other Goodies

Angels are singing and I am seeing the light... Hallelujah!!! I am teaching yoga at Anytime Fitness in Braselton. This is the Anytime off of 211, next to Ninja Steakhouse. Rumor has it that the Hoschton location will soon have a group fitness room as well... but time will tell.
So, here is the skinny...
You do NOT have to be a member to take classes. Classes are $10 each if you are not a member. If you are a member (better deal!) yoga classes will be $5 and you get to use the gym and take all the other classes for free. Oh, did I mention the OTHER classes?? That would be Maria teaching Zumba! Plus there is bootcamp for those of you who really want to get your butt kicked at 5:00 AM.

My schedule is as follows:
Tuesday 10AM
Thursday 7PM
every OTHER week (Anna and I are swapping weeks)
Monday & Wednesday at 5:15 PM

The full schedule is below, including Maria's classes. Yea! Just like old times - but now we can get our booties on any fitness equipment we need and still  have fun together!

In OTHER news... for those of you who want to join us for a yoga retreat at the Monestary of the Holy Spirit in Conyers - go ahead and make your reservations. All they need is a $30 deposit.
Dates: May 18-20 (Weekend)
Yoga and Christian Contemplation Retreat
Description: Communion with God in the silence of the heart is a God-given capacity. For the Christian, the life of prayer is central to living the faith. Also, for many Christians, Yoga has become part of their everyday lives. Can the life of prayer and the practice of Yoga be integrated? For those new to Yoga or for the experienced practitioner, this retreat will explore what the Early Church Fathers had to say about the life of prayer, while integrating Yoga into Christian contemplation.
For more info visit www.trappist.net 

Namaste my friends!

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