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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Try Yoga

Top 10 Reasons to Try Yoga

© Yoga Alliance 2006
1. STRESS RELIEF: Yoga reduces the physical effects of stress on the body. By encouraging

relaxation, yoga helps to lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Related benefits

include lowering blood pressure and heart rate, improving digestion and boosting the

immune system as well as easing symptoms of conditions such as anxiety, depression,

fatigue, asthma and insomnia.

2. PAIN RELIEF: Yoga can ease pain. Studies have demonstrated that practicing yoga

asanas (postures), meditation or a combination of the two, reduced pain for people with

conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, auto-immune diseases and hypertension as

well as arthritis, back and neck pain, and other chronic conditions. Some practitioners

report that even emotional pain can be eased through the practice of yoga.

3. BETTER BREATHING: Yoga teaches people to take slower, deeper breaths. This helps to

improve lung function, trigger the body’s relaxation response and increase the amount of

oxygen available to the body.

4. FLEXIBILITY: Yoga helps to improve flexibility and mobility, increasing range of movement

and reducing aches and pains. Many people can’t touch their toes during their first yoga

class. Gradually they begin to use the correct muscles. Over time, the ligaments, tendons

and muscles lengthen, increasing elasticity, making more poses possible. Yoga also helps to

improve body alignment resulting in better posture and helping to relieve back, neck, joint

and muscle problems.

5. INCREASED STRENGTH: Yoga asanas (postures) use every muscle in the body, helping to

increase strength literally from head to toe. And, while these postures strengthen the body,

they also provide an additional benefit of helping to relieve muscular tension.

6. WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Yoga (even less vigorous styles) can aid weight control efforts by

reducing the cortisol levels as well as by burning excess calories and reducing stress. Yoga

also encourages healthy eating habits and provides a heightened sense of well being and

self esteem.

7. IMPROVED CIRCULATION: Yoga helps to improve circulation and, as a result of various

poses, more efficiently moves oxygenated blood to the body’s cells.

8. CARDIOVASCULAR CONDITIONING: Even gentle yoga practice can provide cardiovascular

benefits by lowering resting heart rate, increasing endurance and improving

oxygen uptake during exercise.

9. FOCUS ON THE PRESENT: Yoga helps us to focus on the present, to become more aware

and to help create mind body health. It opens the way to improved concentration, coordination,

reaction time and memory.

10. INNER PEACE: The meditative aspects of yoga help many to reach a deeper, more

spiritual and more satisfying place in their lives. Many who begin to practice for other

reasons have reported this to be a key reason that yoga has become an essential part of

their daily lives.

This is from www.YogaAlliance.org

Soul Shine Yoga and Wellness

Soul Shine Yoga & Wellness is located only 2 miles from Interstate 85, off of Highway 53 – very convenient location in a peaceful, beautiful studio dedicated to Yoga and Wellness for everyBODY.
159 Towne Center Parkway

Hoschton, GA 30548

Friday, January 15, 2010

I have a Yoga Studio!!!!!

Holy Toledo! I have a yoga studio!!!!!!
I signed the papers today and I am thrilled! I am planning for the official grand opening to be Feb 1 if all goes as planned.
The studio is located at Towne Center. Click here for a map.

It is only 2 miles off of Interstate 85 and in a CUTE cottage style space with 1200 sq ft of hardwoods that will shortly be turned into a total meditative, peaceful, fun place for us to all gather and practice yoga among other things (ZUMBA!) plus I will have a prayer/meditation room for anyone to use anytime they need it.

This is the answer to A LOT of prayers!


It kinda looks like this, but 2x as big and a lighter brick color. So cute!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I am so happy I may type in caps for the rest of the day! THE TUMORS ARE SHRINKING!!!!
They have shrunk by 40%
So the type of chemo they are using is working - this means that Hailey will be getting 2 more rounds of chemo and then going back to TX in 7 weeks. I am thrilled!
Prayer works, GOD IS AWESOME and I love you all!!!!
Many blessings, love & light to everyone.

Oh yeah...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Birthdays, Milestones and New Year

I love the new year. It just feels like everybody gets a fresh start. As a bonus, I get to celebrate my birthday 8 days into the year. I do not like making "resolutions" because they really do not work. I do, however, like to take this opportunity to improve myself and take stock in mistakes, learn from them, and move on. This year, I am taking the bull by the horns. This is not somebody else's life that I am living, its MINE. God gave it to me to live, and live big. He promises us an abundant life, this may not mean financially abundant...which is what most of us think about when we read this...but I think it just means that if we use our natural talents that God gave us, give thanks, be humble, and work hard, we will have an abundant life. Just look around you! Look outside! Its a frozen tundra in Georgia this morning, but the birds are making the most of it. The love it. I have seen blue birds, blue jays and mocking birds singing, finding food and using their natural talents to bring a smile to my frozen face. These little birdies are also happy with what they have. I did not hear them complaining, unionizing or going on strike against mother nature because their nests were covered in ice. They just got up, sang their songs, ate breakfast and are now going on about their day.

This is where I am at. I am going to be getting up, using my natural talents to bring a smile to someone else's face and giving thanks for what I have. That is my "resolution" for my 35th year on this planet. It is time for new beginnings and fresh starts. Happy birthday to me (and Elvis!)