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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You...my students

My goal as a yoga teacher is to teach students the amazing benefits of yoga. I want to reach people who would not normally take yoga, be able to afford yoga and those who have a passion for yoga. In this spirit - I am having a Fall sale on yoga classes. All drop in classes are now only $10 per class for a limited time. Also, all punch cards are on sale as well - you can get 12 classes for only $100!
Also, I wanted to ask you some questions...

Scheduling... what works best for you? Day classes? Evening classes? What time works best? Also, what days would you be most likely to come to class? Is it me or do most people start to check out later in the week? ;) Would you be more likely to come to a Monday morning class or a Tuesday evening class? I know for a lot of you, evenings are crazy busy, so I am thinking of adding some day classes to accommodate you.

What type of classes appeal to you the most? Restorative Yoga, Classical Yoga, Intermediate Yoga, Yoga for Toning, Beginner Yoga, Yoga for Stress Relief, Private Lessons

Let me know what would make classes more accessible to you...I want to know!

Much love and many blessings,

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