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Monday, October 12, 2009

New Life Now

As most of you know, Hailey's cancer is back. She has had MAJOR surgery to remove all of the tumors from her abdomen and is recovering at Athens Regional now. Her spirits are up and down, but the best thing she said to me all week is that "I know Jesus loves me!" That made my week. She knows that God does not want this life for her, the cancer is a product of the world. 

Last year I was a freak, totally trying to control the situation and make Hailey eat what I read she should be eating, drink what she should be drinking etc...and I was really trying to control a situation that I had no business trying to control. Now I have a "Peace that goes beyond all understanding" and its wonderful. This does not mean that I am not sad, or that I am not emotional about it, but at my core - I feel peace. This is a gift that I can only explain as something spiritual, beyond human comprehension and I am at a place where I can accept this gift. Its free, and nothing is expected in return. Go get you some. 

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