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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hails Naaah Update

Howdy everybody!

My sister and mom send their love from Texas. They are tired, but doing well. Here is the low down...

Hailey is working with THE doctor that is doing a huge research project on her type of cancer. He told her that it will probably never go away, but its treatable. So, first things first he is ordering 2 rounds of chemo. They will do scans while they are doing the chemo to see if the cancer is growing even with treatment. If the chemo does not work, then on to plan B which is more medication and treatment, I have no idea what that means or what that is...but its a different plan...then there is plan C which is even more medicine and treatment...nope, don't know what that means either...then on to plan D...experimental treatment. Hailey is not too keen on that and we hope that we don't have to go there, but at least its an option. I do not think that it would be an option with out her being at MD Anderson.

Today she has scans from her neck down to her pelvis, including her heart, lungs etc...so I pray that there is nothing in there!!!

Hails and mom are keeping it real, they are going shopping for cowboy boots today. Giddy'up...

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