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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tiny Closet

In my old monster house I had a master closet that would make most women and some men drool. I could do a cartwheel in it. I had visions of turning it into a diva-esque space complete with a chandelier and a jewelry cabinet. The diva closet never came to be, but the point is I had room for it.

The hubby and I went to check out our new casa again over the weekend and we took a hard look at closet space...or lack of it. I am going to need to purge even more in order to make this work. This time I am going to take clothes to Plato's Closet and see if I can get some $$$ out of it. So far, I have donated so much to the clothing closet at our church, he said that he will not get to all of it for a month or two.

Do any of you live in houses with smaller closet space? If so, do you have any suggestions on how to keep it organized? Also, we do not have a linen closet, and the full bath is tiny, so no room there for a towel rack or storage shelf. Any ideas on what to do there?

All suggestions are appreciated!

Love and Light


  1. My old house had tiny closets! So I totaly kno where you're coming from. What John and I did was took a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond after we got married to help impove our closet situation. BB&B can be a little pricey on some items, but they have lots of ideas to help improve closet space with baskets and door hangey things and junk like that. Ikea is another neeto place to check out- if you haven't been there, they have whole living spaces set up in different sized areas- like everything you need to live in just a couple of hundred square feet (closet, bed, kitchen, bathroom and all- it's kinda freaky).

    As for the linens- My parents don't have a linen closet and what my step mom's did was to help was she got some cute, rather compact, night stand looking looking things and put them in the bathroom; that's where she stores her linens and extra TP and junk like that. She then uses the top of the table to display her perfumes and other "cutesy" bathroom items. I think that they sell stuff like that at BB&B, but it's been a while since I've been in there. I was actually thinking of putting one of those storage things in our master bath b/c it's on the opposite side of the house from our linen closet.

  2. Hey my sweet friend! We have so much catching up to do, but I'm doing some of it on your blog.

    Being in a house built in 1915, I'm there with you on no closet space . . . or linen closet. A good old funky trunk (like the kind you find at an Army surplus store) does wonders for linens. We have one in front of our bed. We also utilize a credenza-like cabinet for other linens.

    As far as clothing closets go, that's still a work in progress . . . And I agree, the best thing to do is lessen your load. My friend recently hosted a "Goddess Party" where everyone brings the clothes they no longer want. Then everyone gets a chance to "recycle" their wardrobe by picking out whatever works from the clothing pile and all the unwanted items are taken to a local children's home.

    Also, there is a hotel furniture discount place in Forsyth, Ga., about 20 miles north of Macon. They have wardrobes and cabinet pieces at bottom basement prices. You let me know if you want to go, and I'll meet you there! xoxo