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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Nobody wants BO
Nobody wants cancer either or to stop our bodies from detoxing the way mother nature intended. I have am sure you have heard that traditional deodorant is not good for your bod - but what are you supposed to do? Run around smelling like a dirty hippie? What, am I supposed to give up lip gloss too?
No way beautiful!
But, honestly, do you like the feeling of chiseling off your deodorant everyday? That can't be good for you. Use natural products, there are more and more out there to choose from and I have finally found a natural deodorant that works! Crystal Essence roll on with lavender and white tea. I have used the rock form of this brand in the past, and it worked for a little while - but after a few hours stinky stinky pits were noticeable, not sexy. Ew. So, I tried this product and so far so good! Give it a shot and give your body the chance to detox naturally! You don't need to clog up your lymph nodes and keep toxins in the body that need to get out.
I love this product!

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